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Vladimir V
Vladimir V
12:54 21 Oct 20
I recommend for 6 years just buy here)))
Alex P
Alex P
07:48 06 Jan 20
The guys in here are pretty helpful and it's one of those places where you always walk out with more than just what you came for.
Lukáš Juda
Lukáš Juda
07:53 19 Dec 19
Pleasant well-stocked shop with quality tactical and outdoor equipment. Only parking is hell. Prices are higher, but they are based on quality. No left armies, but really good kid stuff. Osobne... dopirucuji. Personal knows.celá recenze
Vojta Dombig
Vojta Dombig
06:13 11 Dec 19
Insanely overpriced and small choice ... it's not what it used to be ...
Patrik Ezdráš J. jr
Patrik Ezdráš J. jr
07:28 23 May 19
I was not there. Unfortunately, I don't know this. I've never been there, but thank you for being able to rate this. I wanted to give one star, but that would be bad, I wanted to give two, but I'm... not going to shame because I wasn't there. I wanted to give three, but I told myself that if I wasn't there, I'll give a good rating. I wanted to give 5 stars, but I don't know what it is, so I only gave 4. Have a nice time, write poems and send me an invitation so I can give you 5 starscelá recenze
Martin Dolansky
Martin Dolansky
20:59 06 May 19
Objednal jsem přes net a druhý den vyzvedl. Super jednání.
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