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Vidisco Ltd is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of cutting edge portable digital X-ray systems for a quarter of a century. The company was founded in 1988 as a sub-company of Aran Electronics, specifically for the purpose of finding a portable solution in order to X-ray unexploded bomb shells in the field after “hot” military and airforce training exercises. Vidisco is located in Or-Yehuda, a town in the center area of Israel and employs 45 people.

It comes as no surprise that Vidisco is the exclusive supplier of digital X-ray systems to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and that we work closely with the Israeli police and IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industry). However, the majority of our sales are for export markets. Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems can be found in over 75 countries all over the world, for a varied scope of duties.

The company sells its portable X-ray systems in three markets, for use in NDT, security and veterinary applications. Today, Vidisco continues its quest for leading digital radiography technologies, in order to maintain its position as a worldwide market leader.

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Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray security solutions allow maximum safety for the operator while facilitating the inspection process.

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When inspecting large animals, such as horses, or cows, it is hard to transport the animal itself to an inspection facility.

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Vidisco Ltd. manufactures portable digital X-ray systems for a wide variety of NDT applications, making sure all international standards are met.

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The unique features of the  Xbit Pro help save valuable time and money.

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