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NOVO DR Ltd. offers the highest image quality in the portable digital radiography industry. The ruggedness and reliability of our systems combined with amazing X-Ray Images make them the best in the market. Our intuitive and easy to use products have been designed and engineered by our incredibly professional and highly experienced team!

We put a strong emphasis on the following points:

Highest image quality – With decades of expertise, best detectors in the market & The Genie software
feature we provide the highest image quality.

Reliability – complete set is lighter and easier to carry than any product offered elsewhere and provides over 16 hours of continuous operation using internal batteries
Easy to Use – Having the lightest Detectors, Intuitive NOVO Touch Software and easy handling of our system components, the NOVO equipment is effortless to setup & operate.
Professional Support – Fast response, the expertise of the team and direct support from our in-house developers, makes your journey with NOVO sure and simple.

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