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Escape International

Escape International

Our field: the rescue and people recovery

Our double challenge: increase rescue operations performances, while improving the security conditions of the first-aiders and of the victims

Supply to international civil and military operators:

Search and Rescue (SAR) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) professionals, police units, coast guards, fire-fighting and civil security units…

Supply to oil and gas professionals for personnel or cargo transfer on offshoredrilling platform

Provide maritime operators with concrete answers to existing problems

Give high consideration to professional requirements, developing products with regards of innovation and performance


The AirTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform)

Designed for any helicopter, utility or combat, civilian or military, the AirTep is a global solution to rescue operations in any extreme environment. Compared with the existing equipments (ladder, winch, „forest penetrator“), it is characterized by the following advantages :

  • Great flexibility in use ( any situation, any environment)
  • Doesn’t affect the flight performance
  • Simplicity and speed of extraction (< 1 mn)
  • Instant capacity of 10 rescued people



The NARWAL is the next generation life-saving system for SEARCH & RESCUE operations.
Designed for any helicopter, the NARWAL is the safer and faster solution to secure and rescue people at sea.

  • Great flexibility in use (any sea conditions)
  • Doesn’t affect the flight performance
  • Self-induced floatability at 40 cm (1.3 ft) under sea level, allowing fast and easy setting of exhausted person
  • Instant capacity of 10 rescued people
  • Simplicity and speed of extraction (< 1 mn)



The CIVIS is a compelling breakthrough to overcome natural disaster masscasualties recovery.
Designed for any helicopter, the CIVIS is the absolute companion for victims recovery in a safe and fast manner.

  • Great flexibility in use
  • Doesn’t affect the flight performance
  • Instant capacity of 10 rescued people
  • Simplicity and speed of extraction (< 1 mn)


THE PORTSy (Personnel Offshore Rescue Transfer System)

  • PORTSy (Personnel Offshore Rescue Transfer System) is designed to transfert safely personnel and cargo by crane on any rigs
  • Based on rig operator’s requests, PORTSy fits all kinds of drilling rigs: fixed, jack-up, submersible and semi-submersible platforms
  • With its compact feature, the safety provided, its efficiency, its lifetime, PORTSy raises the standards of offshore personnel transfer



  • The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) aims to extend the international fleet ocean rescue capacity.
    developed in close partnership with experimented end users and matches
    demanding safety specifications.
  • I t is adapted to any merchant SOLAS ships.
  • With SQUID, Escape International, more than ever, reaches its mission:
    the rescue in extreme environment while increasing the security conditions
    of the victims and the rescuers.

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